Unique Features

The easiest way to account for every employee in case of an evacuation

Works with cell phones & tablets

Eliminates the need for any special hardware or training to count, identify, report employees

No power & network requirement

Standalone system that doesn't rely on infrastructure, which would risk the system's operation during emergency

BLE based system

Works with BLE 5.0 technology that can transmit at long distances with low power consumption

Integrated to Time & Attendance

Readings are compared against the employee roster received from the time & attendance system

Sleek badge design

Uses electronic, long battery life employee badges in the form of traditional ID cards

Instant consolidation

Consolidates data across multiple mustering points, and even multiple sites

Fast, Reliable, Convenient

Every second counts when it comes to the safe evacuation of employees and visitors. Litum IoT can help minimize the panic during an emergency, such as a fire evacuation, and ensure you comply with safety regulations.

  • Eliminate the panic during an emergency
  • Meet Health & Safety regulations
  • Account for visitors & contractors on-site
  • Keep history records of practice exercises

How it works?

Each employee is assigned an electronic badge and their IDs are securely stored in a cloud server.  Our software integrates with your time & attendance system so that not only can the headcount be counted against the roster, but the names of those who are unaccounted for is listed in real time.
In the event of an emergency, safety personnel can retrieve roster information using our app.
A safety officer uses a cell phone to capture the BLE signals being transmitted by each badge. Because the badges transmit at a distance safety officer can receive and view the necessary data as soon as the individual approaches the mustering area.
The system automatically compares the BLE data captured against the employee rosters, and lists each missing individual.

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The fastest and most reliable way to take headcounts. See how!

Improve the way you manage emergency mustering

Tracking each individual through manual counting is time-consuming, has potential for errors. Litum can help!


Works on cell phone and tablets


Unlimited number of users, employees

Real Time

Reports all employee and visitors in real-time

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